App and software development

In today’s world, finding customized services can simplify your business processes. This helps to give you an edge. Instead of using software that is universally used but does not work well for your business, let us develop a tool for your specific needs. Our software developers have the expertise needed to create a system that best meets the unique needs of your business. Our software and applications are compatible with web, mobile, and cloud-based solutions as well.

Software Development
E-Commerce - Shopify


At Verified Solutions, we provide technical support in the ecommerce sector as well. Our team of experts is equipped with information about international ecommerce processes. Instead of using the same old trends, they adapt to the latest trends to provide you with a solution that gives you a edge over your competitors.

Business Intelligence

Technical support is not just about developing and managing software and ecommerce platforms. It is about finding important information about the market and the world of technology. Verified Sol’s business intelligence services are designed to ensure that you are provided with information that helps you make informed decisions.

IT Services

Every business is different, which means your IT has to be customized to further your vision. However, the foundation for solid managed services is remarkably similar. The all-you-can-eat technology is often unsuccessful because you lack something important, or pay for services you have never used. Our IT specialists start with a solid foundation and then work as partners to fully realize a comprehensive IT infrastructure based on your needs, budget and culture. Our experience and expertise in providing a complete business solution that meets your needs and works to the best of your ability.

IT Services
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